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The Mission of Sierra Forward is to increase political, civic, and community engagement throughout California’s 4th Congressional District, and to assure future representation that is responsible, effective, accountable; and clearly reflects the values and needs of the district’s ten California foothill and mountain counties.

Our Vision is to work with like-minded groups and individuals throughout the district, regardless of party affiliation, to increase voters’ engagement in the political and policy making process and encourage civic leadership in support of the social, economic and environmental interests of the district.

US in a flag motif One Year from Today
One year from today. In one year, we get another chance to send Tom McClintock back to his own District. He deserves to be sent back.

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CD-4 News

At the pre-endorsement conference held Saturday October 5, 2019, over 75% of the votes were for Brynne Kennedy. This means her name will be put on the Consent Calendar at the Fall Endorsing Convention https://www.cdpconvention.org/ scheduled for Nov 15-17, where the final decision on endorsement will be made.

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Sierra Forward Volunteers Write Letters Sierra Forward Letter Writing Party

Another group of motivated letter writers met today to spread the word that Representative Tom McClintock is doing a horrible job of representing us while our tax dollars continue to pay his salary. The letters hit on the topics of Gun Control, The Endangered Species Act, Health Care, Global Warming, and Wildfire Prevention. The letters will be sent to local publications as “Letters to the Editor”.

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Lies, Lies, and More Lies

If their proposals were good policy — if they offered solutions that our country needs — the GOP would have no reason to lie. We know their arguments are empty and that no good reason supports them because they are forced to lie to try to justify them.

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Donald Trump Stunning Hypocrisy

Stunning, breathtaking hypocrisy. Those are the words that come to mind as Tom McClintock once again expresses his full support for Donald Trump’s power-grab.

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Tom McClintock (R - Elk Grove) Tell Tom McClintock: No more government shutdowns!
Thank you for all you did in our effort to replace Tom McClintock with a representative in Congress who is not beholden to Donald Trump, corporate donors and far-right ideology. While McClintock held on, it was his smallest margin of victory since he was first elected in 2008 to represent a district that he still has never lived in.

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CD4 Rep. Tom McClintock - We can do better To Representative Tom McClintock

Dear Representative Tom McClintock,

You won your reelection and you probably feel pretty good, as you should. It was a tough race, harder than any since your first.

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Sierra Forward Logo Election Results Update

The Numbers

The 2108 midterm elections were held four weeks ago today, but the votes are still being tabulated (due to high rate of vote-by-mail ballots and some number of provisional ballots). And while the ultimate outcome in the 4th won’t change, Jessica Morse’s showing continues to impress, as do the turnout figures. As of yesterday (Dec.3), the 4 th CD totals were:

Tom McClintock (R): 181,182 (54.2%)

Jessica Morse (D): 153,309 (45.8%)

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Sierra Forward Logo Looking in the Rearview Mirror

“Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.”
Hall of Fame NFL Coaching great Vince Lombardi.

“Winning isn’t everything, but losing is nothing.”
Author Frederick J. Lewis

A half century in politics has caused me to remember both of those quotes more than a few times, always in the wake of a hard fought but unsuccessful campaign.

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McClintock Billboard It’s All Been About You

Tomorrow is the day we exercise one of the most valuable rights of citizenship in this country that we all love. Tomorrow we vote. And we will learn whether the tens of thousands of hours, spent by thousands of people across this District, was enough.

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